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Mills in Lone Star,Texas,and Fairfield,Alabama,making comebacks.

When President Donald Trump implemented the Section 232 tariffs to protect an Americansteel industryweakened by theglobal overcapacity crisis,there were doubts about what effect the tariffs would have on stopping the flood of foreign steel into the United States.

差不多一年后,and positive results are slowly trickling in.这对国防工业基础如此重要的工业来说是个好消息。

It is estimated that approximately 11,000 steelworker jobs have been returned to America's economy.Idled mills have restarted production and new mills are being built.

Unexpectedly,two Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) mills in recent weeks have benefitted as U.S.Steel,在其管生产,announced increased production and the hiring of additional workers.

At the OCTG pipe mill inFairfield,Alabama事情看起来如此惨淡,似乎整个工厂都要关闭了。The rolled steel portion of the mill had been idle with the plant relying on its tubular production.

"管磨机正在运行;we slowed down but never shut down,"said United Steelworker Local 1015 President Kevin Key,"The steel-making facilities and the blast caster were shut down.""

There are currently about 600 workers in the pipe mill,美国钢铁公司计划在未来几个月再雇佣150名工人。

Key feels President Trump's tariffs have had a positive effect.

"我想他们帮了忙,"said Key."The numbers,especially in the last quarter of the year,对很多人来说这通常是个糟糕的时刻,November and December are usually our slow months.But this year October,November and December we were up.

"We are usually in the 40-ton range but this year I think we ran 64,000 tons in December,"said Key.

The mill in Fairfield also has an advantage in its future steelmaking.An Arc Furnace that has been sitting in pieces on the ground for the past four years is going to be assembled and start cranking out quality,cost-effective steel.

"The Arc Furnace is cleaner,and it takes all the extra raw material costs out of the process of making steel,"said Key."Right now,我们必须从竞争对手那里买蓝调,我们赚的钱不多。Obviously,they are not going to sell them cheap because they are a competitor.But once we get the Arc Furnace built it will go from making steel 30 days out to two or three days out,so you don't have to extend all that money.You save a lot of time and money.And not only can we supply for Fairfield,but we'll help Lorain and other mills.""

The U.S.Steel facility inLone Star,Texascould be one of those benefactors.

"自2016年以来,我们一直在经营工厂,自2015年3月裁员以来,我们的员工基本上占了一半。"said Trey Green,vice president of local 4134 in Lone Star Texas."The company is quoting they need another 140 people to restart the number-one mill."该公司计划在5月1日前启动并运行第一。

Green hired in at Lone Star 14 years ago,当时大约有1个,500 employees.Today the workforce comprises 400 steelworkers.

"We are still making inner and outer casting for OCTG,and that's one of the things our number one mill is coming back on for,外浇铸。

"I can say the tariffs have helped a little,but more so is钻探他们在做,"said Green."I hate to quote somebody else,but I believe I read a piece that indicated only 17 percent of the tariffs have even affected tubular.钻探业已经赶上了二叠纪盆地和德克萨斯州和新墨西哥州的钻探业,这对我们的帮助最大。”"

The steel industry is making another roaring comeback in the United States,and the 232 tariffs are doing their part.If you're interested in helping them stay in place,,click hereto send a message to Washington,DC: Don't back a bill that would weaken the trade enforcement tools at the president's disposal.

Keep Our Trade Laws Strong!!

The American government is finally fighting back against unfairly traded steel and aluminum imports that have put American jobs and our national security at risk.And the policy is beginning to work: Mills are re-opening,and thousands of jobs are coming back to places like Lone Star,Texas,and Granite City,Illinois.But some in Congress want to undo all of this with dangerous legislation that would weaken our trade tools.

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