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If he takes the easy way out,then yes.

188bet苹果版Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul has an op-ed today inReal Clear Politicson the Trump administration's trade dispute with China,which has a delegation in Washington today to talk turkey.But will the Trump team miss this opportunity to rework the U.S.-China trade relationship?And what would missing this opportunity look like??

He writes:

It's easy to see how Trump could succumb:

He listens to his conciliatory advisers,like Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin,and relieves China of the pressure caused by broad U.S.tariffs and specific trade enforcement actions – the very pressure that brought Beijing to this bargaining table.

He reaches for immediate gratification after a few brutal weeks of self-inflicted government shutdown headlines,and closes negotiations without touching on the fundamental problems at the root of these trade disputes: China's massive support for key industries and state-owned enterprises;its disregard for intellectual property rights;its forced technology transfer policies.He picks apart none of them,and this amalgamation of Chinese policies,which creates that nation's unnatural trade advantage,is allowed to continue.

He overrules clear-eyed negotiators like U.S.Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and accepts an immediate"deal,"in which the Chinese side offers to purchase more liquified natural gas,more soybeans,or a few more planes from Boeing to reduce our annual goods trade deficit.

If Trump folds quickly and accepts very little,then yes: It will be an opportunity squandered.

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