Public policy should invest more in 188bet苹果版下载research and development to create cutting-edge manufacturing jobs.

From Carnegie's steel mills to Boeing's Dreamliners,America's drive to discover and make the next big thing has propelled our economy for decades.And vice versa.Manufacturing is our nation's leading buyer of technology,accounts for 90 percent of all new patents,and 70 percent of private-sector 188bet苹果版下载research and development.

Fostering that innovative edge is an investment in our economic future.But pro-innovation policies must translate into jobs for American workers.Public-private innovation hubs are being created across the U.S.,each with an industrial specialty.Federal R&D tax incentives that spur innovation should require the manufacturing of the resulting products to occur in America.Will we enact smart policies that maintain innovation and manufacturing in the U.S.??

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